What is Auto-Sync?

Auto-Sync will push your entire bookshelf or current search results to your airtable base. It simulates clicking the button ‘Push Books To Airtable’ for all pages of book listings in the bookshelf of your KDP account. It was launched for the first time in KDP Wizard in December 2019 and works with the search and filter capabilities on the bookshelf. 

How to use Auto-Sync

Once you have the correct tier level, the ‘Start Auto-Sync’ button will be green and ready for use. Click to begin.

If this is the first time you have ever synced listings to your base, or are starting afresh with a brand new copy of the Starter Base and haven’t pushed any listings manually, most of your listings will have a red ‘Add To Airtable’ button next to them. If you have any green ‘Update Airtable’ buttons don’t worry, they’ll be synced again with Auto-Sync.

When you click the 'Auto-Sync' button you'll get a popup to control some settings. 


You can change the book types to sync if you want to sync only Paperback or eBooks, choose the option you prefer from the drop-down which is set to sync 'All' by default. 

You can also change the ‘Number of days to wait to auto-sync a book again’ this is 7 days by default. That means if you auto-sync your entire account today with the default setting of 7 days, only new book listings from today onwards will synced if you run it again. After 7 days, everything that synced today will update again if you run the Auto-Sync again. Feel free to set this 30 days if you only need your listings updated once a month. 

Click the green 'Start Auto-Sync' button to start the sync. Please note the settings you input here are remembered for the next time you use Auto-Sync. 

If you wish to force an update of EVERYTHING regardless of when it was last synced, just set the days number to zero

Don’t forget to change this back to a positive number once the forced auto-sync has completed, otherwise every time you do an auto-sync, everything will be synced again, even if it’s just been done.  

KDP Filters

The KDP Bookshelf page has filters for the book Status. KDP Wizard Auto-Sync runs ONLY on the listings visible after filters have been applied. The same applies if using the KDP Search Bar to narrow down your results where only those listings visible will be synced. 

Book Listings Per Page


You can set the number of book listings per page using the KDP drop-down control at the bottom of the bookshelf page. By default this is set to 10, if you have a fast computer and a good internet connection, you might want to try increasing this to 25 or even 50 listings per page. KDP Wizard will still work its way through every page, regardless of the setting chosen here. 

Once the sync starts, you’ll get a status message in the Info Bar and a progress indicator letting you know how far along the auto-sync is in the process.

If you want to stop the sync, you can click the red ‘Stop Auto-Sync’ button at any time. Any listings that are already open, will finish syncing and then will stop, so you may see a few tabs opening after you’ve stopped the sync while it completes gathering the info for those listings already started. 

If you get logged out during the process, auto-sync will stop once it detects a login screen. Once you have signed back in again, just start the sync again to continue from where it left off. 

Once the sync is complete, you’ll get a green success message in the info bar.

That’s it, happy syncing. If you are experiencing any issues, have a quick look in our Facebook group to see if anyone else has the same issue or if it’s a known bug. If you can’t find the issue and don’t wish to post a question in the group, just go to our website help page and create a new support ticket and we’ll help you out.