If your base is full, or you prefer not to store your cover and interior files for KDP in your Airtable base, we have added support for linking to external files stored in the cloud. 

Supported Platforms


Google Drive

Microsoft OneDrive

iCloud (opens iCloud page to download)

Once you have followed the setup guide and pushed your books from the KDP bookshelf to your base, KDP Wizard (KDPW) will have created some linked records for your covers and interiors in the table with the respective name. You can add your cover & interior files to these records so they are available exactly where you need them when creating a new book on the KDP 'Content' page.

You have the option to upload a PNG file directly to the field in your Airtable base or alternatively you can add a link to your files if stored on one of the supported cloud storage solutions. Here's how to obtain the link URL to your files for each provider.


Hover over the file in your Dropbox account you wish to get the link for, then click the three dot menu and select 'Share'. In the popup box, look for 'Copy link' and click to save the URL in your clipboard. In this example we copy a paperback cover pdf file & paste into the Covers table. 

Now locate the correct record in your Airtable base, click in the field where you want to paste the URL, then hit Command + V (Ctrl + V on PC) to paste the link in the field. 

Google Drive

Right-click the file you require the link for and select 'Get shareable link', you get a little popup with some info but the url is automatically copied into your clipboard. In this example, we copy a paperback interior pdf file.

Locate the Interiors table in your base and the correct field for the paperback interior file cloud storage link, click to select the field and Ctrl + V to paste in the link. (Command + V on Mac)

Microsoft OneDrive

Right-click the file you wish to add to your base, click 'Share', then 'Copy Link' and finally hit the blue 'Copy' button to save the url link to your clipboard. In this example we copy a paperback cover pdf file.

In your base, choose the covers table, locate the correct record and click to select the field for the paperback cover cloud storage url and Command + V (or Ctrl + V on PC) to paste the url link into your base.

That's It!

Now the file/s will be available for direct download from your Cloud Storage provider where you need in on the KDP book create and edit content pages.

Any record in your base which has a file attachment or cloud storage url, will now appear in the Interior & Cover Smart Drop-down menus on the KDP content page. This example shows the edit content page for a paperback book, so any cover or interior records which have a file or link for the paperback fields will show in the drop down menus. 

If you are not seeing the menu options, try refreshing the page and they will appear in the smart menus if you have populated content for the correct fields and tables. 

If you are having any trouble, just visit out website kdpwizard.app and visit the help pages to create a support ticket. Please provide any screen shots which will better help us identify the problem you are having (eg, base screen shots)