If you're new to KDP Wizard, we recommend following our quick setup guide, here.

If you're already using KDP Wizard and would like to copy a fresh copy of the Starter Base to your account for any reason, follow these quick and easy steps.

1. Go to the KDP Wizard Starter Template Base, and click “Copy Base” in the upper right corner.

At this time, you’ll be prompted to either login to Airtable, or create a new account. Then simply select a default workspace to copy the new base into.

2. From your new Airtable base, click “Help”, then click “API Documentation”. Next, click the Help menu and click the “API Documentation” option.

3. Click “Add Base to KDP Wizard”, on the upper right side of the screen — and that’s it!

You’ll notice a confirmation that your base has been added, and you’re all set! You can create and add additional bases at any time.