What you need to know about how we gather Sales Statistics

We are pulling in your sales statistics from the KDP Beta Reports page which is a continually evolving page. As a result, we are limited to what data we are able to gather without having access to your KDP account login details. Here are a few limitations of this data:

  • We are only able to get sales data from 2018 onwards
  • We are unable to breakdown the exact books which have identical titles & subtitles

As and when this changes, we will update KDP Wizard and this page to reflect any new info or changes made by Amazon.

What happens when I click the 'Update Sales Stats' button on the Bookshelf page?

Regardless of how many books you can see on your page, Sales are synchronised across your entire account with a single click. All live books in all marketplaces are synced for the last 90 days.