As hundreds of developers around the world write extensions that are freely available on the Chrome Web Store, it's inevitable that some of them don't play as well together as we'd like. This is especially the case when several extensions have access to the same websites, pages and data contained within them.

Any tools that block scripts or ads should be ideally disabled completely when using KDP Wizard. 

If you don't wish to disabled them, it's possible that adding KDP websites to the exceptions list might help them work nicely. The exceptions list may also be referred to as 'permitted sites/domains' or 'allowed websites/domains/addresses' etc. 

Please add these domains names/web site addresses to your exceptions lists:

Here is an up-to-date list of Chrome Extensions that some of our users or our team have identified that can cause issues for KDP Wizard:

Adblock Plus

Generic Script Blockers

Script blockers are able to stop certain snippets of code from running on websites, so it's quite possible that they may stop some code from KDP Wizard running too. It's recommended to disable such extensions to enable a hassle free experience with KDPW. If you don't want to turn it off completely, then you ought to at least allow it to run on the domain names we use. These are listed above. 


Pi-Hole is a tool to block internet advertising and isn't a Chrome Web Store extension but has caused an issue for a small number of our users. If you use this, it's advised to disabled it completely.

If you have these disabled and are still experiencing problems, then please create a support ticket describing as much detail as possible about your issue here

Thanks for reading :)