To get started using KDP Wizard in 7 easy steps, please refer to the Quick Setup Guide on our website

There you will also find a very helpful video showing the steps as well so you can follow along in a way that suits you.

Install the KDP Wizard Chrome Browser Extension

  • On the popup click Add Extension and once it's installed, you'll get a new icon in your extensions toolbar and a welcome message. 
  • Just click away from the message or close with the cross in the top right hand corner.

Choose A Subscription & Grab A License Key

  • Choose a Tier from the pricing page at and complete your order
  • Click the Activate My API License Key button in your account to go to your API Keys page. 

  • Here you have a button to click to automatically send your licence key to KDP Wizard, so you don't have to enter it manually.

Create A New FREE Airtable Account Or Login & Generate An API Key If Required

  • Click to create a new FREE airtable account, or you can sign in from here if you already have one. 
  • Once logged in, you may need to generate an Account API Key if your account was created after February 12th 2019. 
  • Click on the Profile Image Circle > Account > Generate API Key
  • If you see a row of dots here, that means you've generated your API key so you're good to go.

Copy The Starter Base To YourAirtable Account

  • Click Take Me to the Starter Base to get a copy of the included base template for use with KDP Wizard.
  • In the top right hand corner, click 'copy base' and choose a workspace in Airtable to add it to. You can simply choose the default workspace for new accounts.

  • Find the KDP Wizard Starter Base in your Airtable account and if you wish to give it another name, it's best to do that now, as this name will be passed to KDP Wizard and isn't updated if you change it after it's been added. 
  • Click the small down arrow that appears when you hover over the base icon and type in another name of your choice. You can also change the colour & icon for it here too. 

  • While we're here, be aware that the 'Duplicate Base' option creates an exact copy of your base and all the data contained within it. We advise to do this at least once a week and you can create a new workspace called 'Backups' to store them in.

Connect The Starter Base To KDP Wizard

  • Click to open the Starter Base and add it to KDP Wizard by clicking 'Help' in the top right and then click 'API documentation'.

  • A new tab will open and a small KDP Wizard button will appear in the page header, just right of centre. Click this to 'Add Base to KDP Wizard'. Confirm it added successfully by looking for the confirmation text 'Base Added to KDP Wizard'. If the button is disabled, that means the base is already connected to KDP Wizard.

  • Please note, if you don't see this 'Add Base To KDP Wizard' button, make sure you had added a licence key to activate KDP Wizard

Watch All Of Our Tutorial Videos

  • Now you're setup and ready to start using KDP Wizard in your Bookshelf and beyond. Be sure to watch all of our Tutorial Videos which are quick & concise, to make sure you know everything you need to get the most out of your KDP Wizard experience. 

  • You can access these from our website or the Bookshelf Dashboard videos tab at any time