Here are some of the features we're working on for the next releases of KDP Wizard BETA program

Beta Release 2 - Week 27 (commencing Monday July 1st 2019)

  • Save your Product Page BSR & Reviews
  • Connected the NewProducts table as a datasource
  • Connected the Scaler table as a datasource
  • Refine pushing to Airtable - only use one tab rather than pop up many tabs
  • Copy/Paste buttons added for all create book pages
  • Improved Keyword Profiles
  • Improved Cover & Interior record creation
  • Category search updated and works as well as the KDP original category tree structure
  • Description Profiles added
  • Real-time HTML Description Editor built into the KDP page
  • CreateSpace books fully supported
  • More Reliable pushing of bookshelf pages of 50 books
  • And more... 

Final Public Release - Estimated Week 36 (commencing Monday September 2nd 2019)

  • Details to be announced soon...