We are as excited to get KDP Wizard BETA into your hands as you are to get it! But to make that happen as quickly as possible means there will still be some unresolved issues that we're working on. As such, we're giving everyone early access to the KDP Wizard BETA for FREE!

Here's a list of Known Issues so that you're aware of them. No need to submit bug reports on these issues, either.

1. It will take each page a second or so longer to finish loading such that you are able to start entering data while the KDP Wizard elements populate on the page.

2. When books have a status of "Paperback: IN REVIEW", the KDP Wizard button should be disabled but isn't. If you click the button it will simply open a new KDP Bookshelf page in another tab. It's impossible for KDP Wizard to scrape any of your book's data while it has this status as Amazon disables the three buttons on the right that one would click to edit any element of the book while it's in review. For example, it might look like the following: 

3. Covers made with the Cover Creator will not be pulled into to the Covers table. This is a limitation of Amazon's that we are trying to see if we can find a workaround for. Essentially, when you use the Cover Creator there is no actual file to download and then reuse. This means that you will not be able to use the Download Cover or Copy Cover URL buttons if your cover was made with the KDP Cover Creator. These buttons are currently only designed for people who have uploaded their covers in PDF format (and who have uploaded them to their base in the Covers table).

4. The Category Search field uses a lot of resources and so sometimes there can be a brief pause as you are trying to type your category. Be patient - it's not frozen, it just sometimes takes a second to catch up to your typing.

5. The app only supports Paperbacks at the moment but will support Kindle eBooks by the time the BETA finishes. If you try to push an ebook to Airtable, the tab that opens will be a 404 page. 

We will continue to update this list as we discover additional issues (as well as fix existing ones), so consider this a living document.